Excel Series High Performance Chain

EX410 Excel Series High Performance Chain

Our Excel series of high performance inverted tooth chain offers significant performance improvements over standard silent chain.  A wider waist and modified tooth profile on the link plates and improvements to the pin geometry allow for higher loads, faster speeds, and smoother operation. 

The modified tooth profile of the chain is matched by the sprocket tooth profile, so Excel series products are not compatible with ASME standard silent chain sprockets.  Excel chain can be interchanged with chains produced by some other manufacturers, such as an RPV or HV chain type.  Click here for more info.

EX1216 Excel Series High Performance Chain

All of our chains are designed and manufactured to deliver the best possible performance and long life.

Precision components result in better performing chain:

Link Plates – apertures are stamped in a two-step process to produce a straighter side-wall which is the key to long lasting chain
Precision pitch control, or aperture center distance, results in smooth, quiet, reliable operation
Link plates are heat treated for maximum wear life and toughness
Shot peening provides compressive forces on the apertures to maximize fatigue strength of the chain

Pins – The two pin design uses precision drawn material to produce consistent parts with the proper form to allow smooth articulation as the chain travels around the sprocket.
The case hardening heat treatment process give the pins maximum surface hardness to maximize chain service life while keeping the core of the pins strong and ductile to maximize chain tensile strength.

After lacing and riveting the chain, our pre-loading process is the final step in precision control of the chain pitch.  Pre-loading significantly reduces chain stretch during the initial wear-in when the chain is installed in your application.  This results in consistent chain that lasts longer and runs smoother.

Finally, the chain is lubricated and packaged with your choice of connecting methods.  Strands can be supplied endless for applications that allow for installation that way.  Otherwise, we offer a variety of rivet type of drilled pin type master links.  Click here for more information on master link options.

EX616 Outside Guide Excel Series High Performance Chain

Excel series chain uses outside guide links for all standard configurations.  Multiple guide links are also available.

Excel chain part descriptions begin with EX, followed by the pitch and width expressed using the same terminology used for silent chain.  The pitch is expressed as a function of 1/8’s of an inch, and end with the chain width expressed as a function of 1/4’s of an inch.  So a 3/4" pitch, 2 inch wide, outside guide chain would be described as EX 6 (3/4 = 6/8) 08 (2” = 8/4).

Below is a summary of standard Excel chain sizes.  Click here for detailed specifications on standard sizes.  Other widths, chains with multiple guides and custom products are also available on request.  Click here for details, or contact us.  Wider chains for conveyor applications are also available.

NomenclaturePitch (inches)Standard Widths



1/2” to 2” in 1/4” increments, 2” to 4” in 1/2” increments



3/4" to 2” in 1/4" increments, 2” to 6” in 1/2” increments



1” to 8” in 1 inch increments



2” to 12” in inch increments


1 1/2

3” to 12” in 1 inch increments



3” to 18” in 1 inch increments

EX416 MG Multiple Guide Excel Series High Performance Chain

Excel chain is also available with center guides in addition to the outside guides.  This configuration is particularly useful when the driven shaft is oriented vertically, and extra guides are needed to hold the chain in position.

Mutliple guide Excel chain part descriptions use the same descriptions as outside guide Excel parts, with the addition of MG at the end. The description will start with EX for Excel followed by the pitch expressed as a function of 1/8’s of an inch, and end with the chain width expressed as a function of 1/4’s of an inch.  The final part of the description specifies the guide link location.  So a 3/4" pitch, 4 inch wide, side guide chain would be described as EX 6 (3/4 = 6/8) 16 (2” = 8/4)  MG.

The multiple guide option is available for all Excel products.  The spacing and number of guides is generally based on the width of the chain.  Contact us with your specific requirements.

EX312 Excel Series High Performance Chain

EXCEL High Performance Chain  Specification sheet in PDF Format

Excel Chain Quote Request Worksheet  Printable PDF for chain identification and quote requests


Type A Excel Series High Performance Chain

Type B Excel Series High Performance Chain

Crown Industrial offers a host of made-to-order products for specialized applications.  Whether it is as simple as supplying a special width, or as involved as a completely new design for your project, our staff has the knowledge and expertise to make it happen.


We can also provide replacement sprockets if needed, and we can fabricate complete chain cases or package drives if you desire the ease and convenience of receiving a complete assembly that is run tested and ready to go.  Chain cases are flexible in the location and spacing of the input and output shafts, and can be designed for a wide range of speed reducing or speed-up applications.

Contact us today with your application data and or technical support department can put together a package tailored to your specific requirements.

Connecting Pin Set (drilled pin, rocker, roll pin)

Connecting Link Set (outside connecting guides, drilled pins, rockers, roll pins)

P, R, W Set (pin, rocker, and washers for rivet type connection)

We offer multiple options for connecting your Excel chain. 

If your application allows for installation, the easiest connecting application is to have your chain manufactured endless, which eliminates the need for a master link.  The chain is supplied completely finished and connected from the factory.  This option is available on all chains, just specify “endless” after the strand length on your order.

In many applications, an endless chain is not practical because the drive does not permit easy installation.  In those situations, either a rivet-type connecting link or a drilled-pin connecting link can be used.  Our standard connecting link is a drilled pin style.  The chain is supplied with special outside link plates on the end to accommodate the connecting pins.  This allows for quick and easy connection of the chain, even in tight spaces.

For applications where the extension length of the connecting pin is a concern, or if a rivet type connection is just preferred, we will supply the proper pins and outside links to accommodate this.  The pin ends are supplied with annealed ends for the proper hardness to rivet the end with hand tools without chipping or damaging the pins.  To receive rivet type connecting links with your chain, simply specify this on your order.

Master links are always provided with each strand of chain.  They are also available for purchase separately.  Click here for a quote.

**It is never recommended that master links be used to re-connect or repair a damaged chain.

**Our master links are designed to match our chain design.  It is never advisable to use master links from one manufacturer with chain from a different manufacturer, as they are not designed to be compatible.  Contact us with your application specific questions.