Industrial Inverted Tooth Chain

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Inverted tooth chain

Crown Industrial Corporation manufactures are a complete line of inverted tooth chain products.  This includes silent chain and our high performance Excel series.  Inverted tooth chains are suitable for a wide range of applications because of their smooth, efficient operation at extremely high speeds, and their high load carrying capacity.

Inverted tooth chains offer a unique combination of features that make them an excellent choice transmitting mechanical power when compared to other options:

  • Higher load capacities than belts
  • Faster speeds than roller chain
  • Greater flexibility in package dimensions than gears

With our huge range of sizes and styles, we have a product for almost any industrial chain application.  From packaging machines to flood control pumps, our chains drive all types of industrial equipment.  Our chains are also well suited to large trucks and other off-highway machines, as well as snowmobiles, ATV’s and UTV’s.

Silent chains also make long lasting, durable conveyor belts.  They can carry more weight, run faster & smoother, and withstand higher operating temperatures than other belt materials.

Our staff can help you identify the correct part if you need a replacement chain, we can assist you in troubleshooting or improving an existing drive, or we can help design a system for a new application.

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