Standard Attachment Chains

#120 with bent tab attachments

#50-3 with bent tab attachments

We support most standard attachment chains with our quick assembly process.  Components are in stock for 1/2" to 3” single and double pitch chain styles.  You give us the size and spacing of the attachments and we will assemble and ship your order, generally in 5 working days or less.  For breakdowns and other time critical situations, we offer expedited assembly and shipping to get your chain to you even faster.

We offer attachment chains with extended pins, bent tabs, and straight tabs.  Standard attachment tabs have 1 hole, and double pitch and wide tab single pitch links are also available with two holes.

Our Attachment Chain Worksheet is a PDF file that lists many of the standard attachments we offer, and it contains an easy-to-use worksheet to specify your chain quote request.

If standard attachment chain is not what you need, we can do basic modifications or manufacture a totally unique chain to your exact specifications.  Click here for more information on custom attachment chain.