Silent Conveyor Chains

Silent Conveyor Chain with spacing washers

While silent chain is commonly used as high speed drive, it is also an excellent conveyor chain in many applications.  The open area of the chain allows air flow through the conveying surface, the steel construction is extremely strong, durable, and able to withstand much higher ambient temperatures than many other common conveyor belt materials.  And the smooth sprocket engagement results in constant and stable surface velocity allowing you to move materials at faster speeds without the conveyed material tipping or falling.

Our best conveying chains utilize same design features as our high performance drive chains.  By using the exact same design features and best practices in the manufacturing process, our conveyor chains provide long lasting, reliable service.  The same characteristics that make a great high-speed drive chain produce a great conveying chain.

Many of our conveyor chains are supplied with spacing washers between the link plates.  In addition to achieving significant weight reduction without impacting performance, this creates more open area within the conveying surface.  The greater open area allows more airflow through the chain, which is critical for glass bottle production and for other temperature controlled processes.

Our silent conveyor chains are available in all sizes, and can be made to whatever width you need.  Widths from as narrow as 1 inch, to as wide as 12 inches or more are common.  We size the conveyor chain to meet your specific needs.

Many conveyor systems today use a single, oval pin design.  This is a durable, cost effective design which is easy to connect and rivet during installation.  This product combines the simplicity of a single pin design with all the performance features and benefits of our best two pin chains.

Silent conveyor chain is also available with a single, round pin configuration.  Round pin chain offers the flexibility to add spacing washers within the chain.  This reduces the weight of the chain, and increases the open area, which is a benefit in applications where air flow through the conveyor is important.